Saving time, increase accuracy, drive quality

The goal of 3D Tour Lab is to accelerate the sales cycle by giving you a powerful tool to to let potential customers "Be There Without Being There". Studies have shown that the impact is typically 24-33% faster using leveraging this new technology. The fact that it also impacts the final sale price don's hurt either. The same study showed a 1.9% increase in the sale price of the property

Speed is important in other ways as well. 3D Tour Lab saves you time in listing your properties by offering a full service offering. We only require one time in the home to capture the easy to navigate 3D Tour, VR Tour, Laser measurements of the space, Laser Accurate Floor Plans, Drone 360 of the property and still images. The tour also provides on screen measuring tools so your customers get access to tools that help them make a confident buying decision. No more multiple visits to a property to get all the material you need for the listing. We even provide tutorials on how to list the final content. To round it all off, we provide great analytics on exactly how a listing is performing in terms of view and other important metrics.

Quality that sets you apart

We have all seen people starting their careers offering some of these services. Many lack the depth of experience required to deliver a top notch product, especially across multiple offerings. We bring many years of experience to every shoot we perform.

The technology being used has a huge impact on what can be delivered and the quality of the final product. We are not using inexpensive 3D cameras or iPhones for your tour. We use cutting edge technology that utilizes a custom camera with built in Lidar. That allows us to capture the best quality imagery, creates the wireframe based on laser measurements to assure accuracy of the rendered tour, actual sq ft and room measurements accurate to with in millimeters. No more debates over actual square footage. The same carries through to the drones we have selected. Thes use a 1" sensor (captures best detail) and a lens made by Hasselblad. Lastly, each tour can be custom branded to you!

Research, research, test, test

As the lab part of our name indicates, we are always looking ahead for a simple reason. We want to provide the most current solutions that raise the bar for our clients. We test new systems on the market for 3D capture to assure we are leveraging the best solution. We are constantly evaluating new rendering software to enhance the touring experience and we also monitor market trends for our clients.

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