Making the Ideal Property Twilight Image

When shooting twilight shots for your properties there are a number of techniques used each delivering different results. What is called HDR can work at times. It is an automated process though and at times the result is less then ideal. Some photographers do what is called daylight to twilight conversions. In a case like this you take an image shot during the day and in post production you create a "twilight" image. It is usually very easy to tell that these are fake.

The process I prefer is a bit more complicated but creates excellent results. You start by taking a wide range of exposures. You make sure these images capture all the highlights, midtowns and shadow information you will need for the final image. You then selectively combine these images by taking the important parts from each image and manually merge the pieces together using whaat are called Layer Masks. This process is more technically challenging but provides much more control over the final result.

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