Floor plans and more,,,

Accurate listing data is becoming more and more important and could potentially cause problems in the sale process if incorrect sq ft or room dimensions are shown

We use Lidar technology developed by the government to analyze each space and provide data with the accuracy only this technology can provide. This is available in all our tours.

Floor plans with added benefit

Because of the use of Lidar, not only are your measurements going to hold up to scrutiny, but we provide online measuring tools to aid a potential client in measuring many aspects of the space with the same laser accuracy. Need dimensions for the space for the refrigerator or stove, but also counter heights and any other dimension needed with having to go onsite to confirm.

Floor plans and tour navigation

Many specialized companies can provide some of these services. We also add a new twist - where many online tours require you to navigate from room to room, the floor plans we provide have easy navigation tools built into them as well. A viewer of a property can now instantly jump to any room in the house, saving time and frustration.

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